Live in New York City

Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

FREE 10 PM Stage 1

Every musical revolution has to start somewhere. Many start in San Francisco, as did this one. And now with some key players relocating to the East Coast, New Yorkers are about to experience the phenomenon of what the Californians are calling “Italian” funk - or “Formula One” funk - first hand for its debut at Rockwood Music Hall! Sat November 11th- the pioneers of the genre- the band SONAMO (Naples slang for “show me what you got”) -will deliver an action packed set showcasing this exciting new style of funk and indie world music which has been played to throngs of thousands in the Bay Area. This is not your parent’s music! A dynamic, passionate blend of Italian melodies via heavy doses of funk and acid jazz- centered around tight song structures with influences from afro-beat, traditional folk, and Brazilian rhythms, this high energy infectious hybrid has caught on in a big way on the West Coast…and has even been recognized by the current Italian government for its contributions to the evolution and modernization of Italian music! SONAMO is bringing a live show making this a night to remember. Come along for the Formula One ride, and say you saw them first!