Sonamo Experience the electrifying sound of Sonamó, the San Francisco Bay Area band that blends Italian melodies with funk and acid jazz. Their dynamic and passionate music is a reflection of the diverse backgrounds of each band member, with influences ranging from rock to Latin. Founder Giuseppe Pinto's journey to San Francisco inspired the band's optimistic and free-spirited sound. Giuseppe Pinto - keys and vocals Trent Berry - Guitar Daniel Heffez - Tenor Sax Colin McCuen - Bass Genesis Rubin - Drums The Attic Based in San Francisco, The Attic is a funk-rock-soul-jam machine that thrives on a dancing crowd. The core group is comprised of local music veterans from BDubs & the Players, The Midnight Nasties, and Bigelow’s Treehouse. This cracker jack unit is supplemented by a rotating crew of the best singers, guitarists, and horn players a pizza and a couple beers can secure. Tonight, in The Attic: BDubs - Guitar The Goose - Keyboards Stefan Cohen - Saxophone Nasser Addi - Drums Shelton Chess - Bass The Soul Miners The Soul Miners are a San Francisco based 7 piece R&B, Soul, Funk cover band playing dance hits from the 60’s and 70’s thru the present. The band has a passion for Motown and similar sounds and plays infectious grooves to get its audience dancing. Rachel Dionne - vocals Rob Headlee - vocals David McFarland - guitar Will Berg - Sax Joe Ralph - keyboards Scott Dworkis - bass Gus Lignos - drums