If Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder were Italians, they would sound like Sonamó. 

With a dynamic, passionate blend of melodic lines shot through with hefty doses of R&B, funk, and acid jazz, Sonamó music is both danceable yet introspective, at once familiar yet exotic, intense yet energetic, romantic and yet somehow carefree. One of the strongest characteristics of Sonamó is their high energy that’s well expressed in their memorable live performances. 

Sonamó started when Giuseppe Pinto moved to San Francisco in 2010.  As a passionate musician from Italy, Pinto searched for inspiration in his new city by exploring its eclectic scene and open-mindedness. As Pinto mentioned: “[...] my experience in the United States completely changed me. I had to reconsider all my values and understand that there are many ways of doing things and seeing things. That’s what I call the American miracle: a huge diversity that brings the best part of all of us”. 
Those feelings of freedom and love in Pinto’s journey came to life with Sonamó after the meeting with creative guitarist Trent Berry who says: ”[...] as a kid growing up in the midwest it was like discovering a lost cousin almost like a parallel evolution, if American funk is like Nascar then Italian funk is like Formula 1”. 

The name Sonamó is inspired by an album of Pino Daniele (E Sona Mo’) that means “and play now”, It is sometimes used among musicians in Southern Italian as a slang term meaning, “show me what you got!” and boy, do they ever!

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