Rhythmic elegance, oblique vibes. Sensory bliss, motion to dance. 

Italian-born, SF-based Nino Msk has been performing in the states for over a decade, from cafes to clubs to Burning Man. 
He's a master at reading the crowd, always providing the perfect soundtrack for any given ambiance. Nino heads up an indie music label called Eclectic Electric Recordings. 
His radio show Espresso Sesh, now in its 7th season, airs every Tuesday at 2pm on BFF.fm 

ID Spotify: http://bit.ly/ninomsk 
Oblique video clip: http://bit.ly/Oblique-clip

Italian DJing

All-vinyl DJset of music made in the US by Italians mixed along with Italian music from different eras and decades: starting with the roaring ’20s swing, going thru the Motown-inspired sound, then Progressive rock, Italo Disco, and Euro-dance of the 90s, Pop music. Some mixes already on the web: 



Antonino Musco, a San Francisco-based Italian DJ, started DJing in SF in  2009 at Elbo Room with the Afrolicious crew, and in these years he’s been playing venues like Mighty, The Chapel, Boom Boom Room, Cafe du Nord, 111 Minna, Supperclub, Brick & Mortar and Make-Out Room to name a few. Also been performing at NYC legendary Bembe in Williamsburg and Camaradas el Barrio in the Spanish Harlem; also performed in Saint Louis and New Orleans.  

Started doing radio in the US in 2008 with an independent station iring His music in the Hudson Valley in New York upstate, he’s now hosting a weekly radio show at BFF.FM (http://bff.fm/shows/espresso-sesh).  

Antonino plays eclectic music, and own a vast vinyl collection. His music adapts and makes to the venue and in these years he learned how and make the crowd dance.

Have international experience having DJ residencies in Rome, Italy; Prague, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia. In Europe as a solo artist or with his band Sicilian AV project, he performed in some of the most exclusive festivals and events, including the XIII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM), Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival in Rome, IT; Praguebiennale3 in Prague, CZ; Crazycurators Biennale in Bratislava, SK.